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This course is for you if you want to...

  • Integrate the neuroscience behind the therapeutic powers of play therapy

  • Better articulate to parents why play therapy works

  • How children use toys to understand themselves

What's included?

  • 1.5 CE Hours & Certificate (with survey & passing quiz grade)

  • Learn at your own pace. The training videos will be here waiting for you!

  • No Expiration Date (you'll have 24-hour, 365-Days access to the content). Rewatch them anytime!

  • Closed Captioning

  • High Quality, 4K Interactive Video & Clear Audio

Will this suite me?

  • Beginner play therapists wanting a solid foundation in understanding the therapeutic powers of play.

  • Intermediate play therapists looking for extra tools to explain how play therapy "works" to parents.

  • Advanced play therapists looking to expand their neurobiological understanding of how play therapy REALLY works.



Course Description:

In a profession that is fighting for recognition and to be taken seriously, not fully understanding exactly how play therapy transformation takes place is a big void in our understanding. Without really understanding how attuned play works to bring about lasting change, therapists are left feeling uncertain and without the language to effectively talk to parents, teachers and other influential people in children’s lives. 

The therapist's ability to influence other professions to see the value in play therapy is also impacted. This presentation is designed to fill in gaps in play therapist’s understanding by addressing and teaching the answer to this very important question- how exactly does play therapy work? Through presentation and discussion, participants will be taken into the minds and biology of children for an inside look at what goes on that leads to their transformation and healing.

With the help of neuroscience, brain development, and interpersonal neurobiology, the “how” will be answered allowing participants to truly understand how the process works and what exactly is going on in the playroom. This dynamic, eye-opening and thought provoking presentation will empower therapists to begin to move beyond their current framework


Course Objectives: 

Objective 1: Participants will be able to describe the process of change that children go through in play therapy.

Objective 2: Participants will be able to describe how the projective process works and how children use the toys and the therapist to understand themselves.

Objective 3: Participants will analyze how the therapist's window of tolerance supports the child in being able to integrate their challenging perceptions and feelings.

Objective 4: Participants will analyze the intersection between neuroscience and the therapeutic powers of play to understand how transformation occurs for a child in play therapy.

Objective 5: Participants will be able to describe the importance of understanding the therapeutic powers of play as a key foundation for play therapy practice

Objective 6: Participants will list reasons why understanding how play therapy works is a challenge for many play therapists

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Play therapy credit available to mental health professionals only as listed in each course description.  Courses that do not qualify for play therapy credit are clearly listed.

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  • Lisa Dion


    Lisa Dion

    Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S is an international teacher, supervisor, and author. She is the founder and President of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado, creator of Synergetic Play Therapy, Adjunct Faculty at Naropa University and host of the Lessons from the Playroom podcast and webinar series. She trains and supervises play therapists worldwide in play therapy and business creation.