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This course is for you if you want to...

  • Attract Your Ideal Clients

  • Stand Out From The Competition

  • Create a Sustainable & Profitable Business


Kevin Thomas

Great Course!

Kevin Thomas

I think the info I learned in this course will really help grow my practice a lot this year!
Brent Mruz

Great Secrets!

Brent Mruz

This was a great program, providing relatable information and useful recommendations! Thank you!

Nate Hendrikse

Brent is extremely knowledgeable about advertising and marketing and really knows how to help practices grow in sustainable ways.

Rebecca Tamm

As a business owner my problem is that I want to tell everyone everything about what we do, but Brent helped me to really narrow down our focus and ultimately, our vision, and I now have a much clearer and more concise way of describing who we help, how we help them and why they need our help.

In This Course We Reveal How Kid Matters Counseling

  • Went From 1 Child Therapist to 10!

  • Went From $0 to $90,000 Monthly Revenue

  • Did It All 100% Private Pay (no insurance!)

Create a sustainable business plan & profitable marketing strategy today!

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“Brand Your Practice helped grow my revenue 259% in just one year.”

Matthew Hanlon | Owner of Cedar Tree Counseling

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This course is for:

  • Therapists wanting a solid marketing foundation for starting their private practice.

  • Therapists looking for extra tools and resources to grow their private practice.

  • Established private practices looking to fine tune their marketing.

  • Private practices struggling to pay bills.

  • Private practices attracting the WRONG kind of clients.

"My private practice now makes multiple six-figures because of their marketing strategy!"

Susan Stutzman | Owner of Kid Matters Counseling

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Brand Your Practice

Private Practice Marketing Secrets

Course Description:

Most mental health professionals open a private practice to help more people and to make more money.

The problem is they lack the business and marketing skills to generate growth and attract new clients. 

That’s why we work with therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to create a sustainable business growth plan & implement a profitable marketing strategy so they can enjoy the freedom of having a pipeline of new clients, more revenue, and the satisfaction of becoming the #1 trusted private practice in their community.

Because when you build a thriving private practice, you can create a life you love. 

What You'll Learn In This Course: 

1 - How to Clarify Your Ideal Client

2 - How to Clarify Your Brand Message

3 - How to Clarify Your Marketing - Earning Attention

4 - How to Clarify Your Marketing - Buying Attention


Because this is a branding and marketing course, it does not meet the requirements of the Association for Play Therapy for continuing education credits.  

This course, however, is all about how to market and grow your private practice. Enjoy!

This course will help you

  • Brand Your Clinical Skills

    Most mental health clinicians spend $1000’s on their clinical skills but have not idea how to brand them. This course will show you how.

  • Update Your Website

    After this course, you’ll have a better idea of what words to write and where to put them on your website so your ideal client will WANT to schedule an appointment with you.

  • Develop Your Marketing Strategy

    This course will help you create a simple & reliable marketing strategy to grow a pipeline of new clients for your private practice.

Your Instructor

  • Brent Stutzman

    Owner - Brand Your Practice

    Brent Stutzman

    Brent has helped dozens of mental health professionals grow their private practices. He specializes in helping private practices show up on Google when their ideal client needs their services. But, his passion is partnering with mental health professionals grow and scale their private practices so they can grow their revenue and expand their impact in their communities. Find out more at BrandYourPractice.com